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I specialise in one-­to-­one photography workshops in the south west London and Surrey area, for those new to photography and anyone who wants to move away from “auto” and learn how to get the most out of their camera. If you want to move on from “taking snaps” and learn how to create images you'll be proud to share with family & friends, then I can help you gain the camera skills to achieve that.
I provide one­-to­-one sessions of 3 or 4 hours where I can focus on your requirements and show you the techniques you need to improve your photography skills. I find that one­-to­-one sessions are more suited to beginners as they are less intimidating than learning in a group and you can ask anything you want - there are no stupid questions when you are a beginner!
Some of the topics available:
Location - ­ a mutually agreed outdoor area such as the Surrey Hills for landscape work or maybe a town centre or London's South Bank if you're keen on street photography or even a local park/garden for macro work. As long as it's somewhere you're happy with and preferably with somewhere to grab a coffee while we run through the basics.
Date/Time - ­ totally flexible on the day of the week, time of day and duration, contact me to discuss availability. I will attempt to fit in with your schedule as best as I can. I am flexible enough to be willing to reschedule a session should the need arise.
  ● 3-hour session - ­ £50 (£80 total for 2 people)
  ● 4-hour session - ­ £60 (£100 total for 2 people)
If you would like to do this with a friend, then I offer a small discount overall (see prices above).
I can also offer a discount if you would like to pre-book a block of 3-hour sessions.
I would need to add a small charge to cover travelling time & costs if we don't meet in my local area, which is Kingston.
What you will need to bring:
  ● A camera with controls for ISO, aperture and shutter speed such as a DSLR, Compact
System Camera or Bridge Camera (please contact me if you need help to check this)
  ● Additional lenses, if you have them

  ● Your camera manual may prove handy if it is easily portable
  ● A tripod for certain subjects, if you have one (I'll let you know beforehand if it's needed or not)
  ● A notebook should you want to take notes (although I do provide notes as a recap for you to read later)
  ● An umbrella should rain be forecast (please dress appropriately for the expected weather conditions, especially consider your footwear if we are meeting in the countryside)
Don’t worry if a session overruns by 10 or 20 minutes - ­ I'm quite flexible about timekeeping and I won't be charging extra by the minute!
Contact me in the first instance by email ­ - ­ - I aim to respond within 24 hours (most often much sooner), unless I am on holiday (and sometimes even then!).
Once I understand your level of experience I can advise on what is best for you.
I look forward to working with you and helping you to improve your photography.
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