Street Photography Workshops
Street photography can be daunting at first but quickly becomes addictive once you get to know and perfect a few techniques to help capture those candid moments.

No particular camera or lens type is needed, just something you feel happy wandering around with, although I don't recommend a big DSLR with a massive zoom on it! Smaller cameras can be unobtrusive and help you to blend in.
You can usually find my most recent street photography on my Instagram account.
I usually hold this session in London so there is a £10 supplement to cover my travelling costs/time, making it £60 for 3 hours or £70 for 4 hours if you’d like a slightly longer session. 

Please get in touch if you'd like more information -
"Thanks so much Martin really enjoyed today and enjoyed having a play afterwards! Definitely need to improve my stealth photography!"
    -  from an email
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