Deer Photography
Deer photography is a wonderful pastime. I'll take you through the basics of safety, deer behaviour, gear, positioning/viewpoint, focusing to help you improve your techniques.
I find the best time is autumn and winter sunrise (especially mid-week as the park is much quieter), but you can learn the basics at any time of the year so you are prepared for the good times!
This would be held in Richmond Park and you would benefit from using a decent telephoto lens at least to around 200mm. If you don't have such a lens, I have lenses for Canon and Fuji-X system available to hire for an additional £10 - £20 per session (depending on lens, please contact me for details).

Tripods are useful but not essential. Some people prefer them for stability and some prefer the freedom to move and react quickly without them. You can borrow mine if necessary.
There is a £10 supplement for this session as I spend time locating some deer before we meet, so it would be £60 for three hours tuition which normally includes a short stop for coffee if and when convenient. We can sometimes overrun by about half an hour so it's best to be flexible with timings to get the most from the session.
Please get in touch if you'd like more information -
"Thank you Martin. We had a fantastic morning with you. Great to see your dos and don’t photos from the day. Tips look great on your site, will have to digest in slower time!"
    -  from Facebook Messenger
"Thanks for the email and all the additional info. Really enjoyed the session, thanks again for all your help, it was a fun session."
    -  from an email
“Great walk in Richmond Park, lots of great advice and help given. Really enjoyed the day, and some good photos. Martin really looked after us and made the day.“
    -  from Funzing website
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