Creative and Abstract Photography
Beyond "conventional" photography, there exists a genre like no other - no rules, no limits and definitely no tripods!
Be prepared to use the full arsenal of creative techniques such as Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), multiple exposures, blending, defocusing, the "wrong" white balance, slow shutter speed etc., and combine these into endless possibilities. Unleash your creative genius!

Some cameras are more suited than others, especially those with extended features on multiple exposures such as the Canon 5D mark 3 or 4. But you can even get good results with a smartphone and a decent app! I've used the Fuji X-T1 for the images above, which has limited features but can still deliver.

You will find neutral density filters can be useful (such as a 10-stop) but it is not essential that you bring your own as you can borrow mine to get a feel for how useful they are.
I usually run these sessions in London and it's best if you've already attended the Creative Use of Blur workshop and had some practice as you'll benefit more if you already have some experience of using blur creatively.
There is a £10 supplement to cover my travelling costs/time.
Please get in touch if you'd like more information -
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