I am a part-time photographer based in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

I am completely self-taught and began photography in the late 1970's, first of all borrowing an old film SLR camera and shortly afterwards buying my own. I loved it from the outset and I especially enjoyed being out with my camera walking in the countryside.

In the early days I used to do my own monochrome darkroom printing, which was a revelation being able to adjust and improve the tones in the final image, a technique I continue today when processing images on a PC in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
In 2008 I switched to digital cameras, initially with a Canon DSLR and more recently with a Fuji mirror-less system, which I find much more intuitive as the controls replicate, to a certain extent, those found on my old film SLRs. I've also started using older, manual lenses as they can give a different feel to an image, including one that I think I bought in 1978!
I am primarily an outdoor photographer, prefering to work with natural light and I enjoy experimenting with creative techniques and blur in my images. I also love to photograph the deer in Richmond Park.
After spending 30 years working in I.T., a change of direction means I spend far more time concentrating on photography, to the point that I have taken on some freelance work. I have images for sale and I also run photography workshops alongside the occasional photo walk.
Should you wish for me to work with you, please do get in touch - info@47photography.co.uk
If you're interested, you can read the stories behind a few of my images on my blog.
I can often be found in Richmond Park or wandering in the Surrey Hills and sometimes pounding the streets of London hunting down my quarry!

This is me enjoying deer photography in Richmond Park and landscapes in the Lake District